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How should I book the test kit?

Frequently asked questions

If I order at 11am today when would it be delivered ?

It will be delivered the next business day.

I made an error while activating my test kit. What can I do ?

No worries at all. Get in touch with our customer support and they will sort it out for you.

Can I order multiple kits in the same purchase ?

Yes, absolutely. Our customer service agents will send you reference numbers to your email address.

What do you mean by next business day delivery ?

We only dispatch on business days and deliver it the next business day. So, if you order at 11am on tuesday, the kit will arrive on Wednesday. If you order at 12:02 pm on Tuesday, the kit will be dispatched on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday. If you order at 12:02pm on Friday, the kit will be dispatched on Monday and will arrive on Tuesday.